Organic Skin Care 101


  1. The Different Skin Types
  2. How to find your skin type?
    1. Normal
    2. Dry
    3. Oily
    4. Combination
    5. Sensitive
  3. Organic Skincare products
    1. Face Cleanser
    2. Face Scrub
    3. Face Mask
    4. Body Scrub
    5. Body Butter
Having healthy, glowing skin is desired by many people all over the world, but very few know the secret to achieve that goal of the skincare routine that works. An organic skincare routine that will give you the skin of your dreams may not always be as simple as it sounds.


Cerise Natural's team has formulated some handcrafted natural skin care products that will let you achieve best skincare routine 

We've therefore prepared this guide to help put you on the right track. Just don't give up when you don't see results right away. Keep in mind that our organic products will take time to work their magic. 

The Different Skin Types

A skincare routine can vary from person to person because the skin is unique to each person, you must first determine your skin type so that you can address your skin concerns adequately.

There are five different types of skin; Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination and Sensitive, one acquires skin type through genetics. Your skin type can change throughout your lifetime, as external and body factors can affect your skin type. Things like diet, lifestyle, age, the climate of the region where you live and more.

How to find your skin type?

  • Normal
    A person with a normal skin type will have the right balance of moisture and sebum (the body's natural oils) production in the skin. This type of skin is less likely to break out or suffer from skin conditions.
  • Dry
    A person with a dry skin type produces inadequate moisture and natural oil in the skin. It lacks Natural Moisturizing which attracts and bind water to the skin.
  • Oily
    This type of skin produces an excess of sebum. It can be triggered by factors like genetics, stress, hormonal imbalance, or medication. Typically, oily skin types will have clogged or congested pores, making them prone to issues like acne.
  • Combination
    A combination skin type means having oily skin in a particular part of the face and dry skin in another part of the face.
  • Sensitive
    Sensitive skin types are prone to inflammation, irritation, stinging and burning. This skin type can also have a harsh reaction to certain ingredients. But with most sensitive skin, using the right products can help solve the common issues associated with this skin type.

Organic Skincare products

Now it's time we should educate about organic skincare products. The kinds of products you should use on your face and body, affect the overall health and condition of your skin, here's a guide on the necessities you should know and be using.

  1. Face Cleanser

    Cleansing is the most basic and fundamental step in caring for your face skin. Cerise Natural Organic Face Cleanser will not strip your skin, unlike SLS cleansers. Natural ingredients like Vitamin C, Vitamin E , Fenugreek Seed Extracts, May Chang Oil and Ylang Ylang Oil will aid in removing the dirt, effects of air pollution, and excess sebum in your face, leaving it perfectly clean. 

  2. Face Scrub

    Using Cerise Naturals organic face scrub India will prep the skin, so it gets the most optimal results from skincare products. The particles of avocado and cherry will give you seamlessly icing on your face removing all the impurities and dead skin cells.
    Cerise Natural Face Scrub will assure you of Paraben-free, SLS free and mineral oil-free experience from all of its products. This is one of the best Organic Face Scrub in India.

  3. Face Mask 

    Cerise Natural Organic Face Mask is suitable for all skin types as this is made of only natural organic ingredients. It tightens your skin pores which reduce excess oil on your skin. The organic face scrub is very important for your routine as this removes dead skin from the face.
    Use it correctly by applying a generous amount like a mask on your face and neck for at least 10-15 minutes until it dries up. Once done massaging the solution in a circular motion on your face, wash it with water.  

  4. Body Scrub 

    Like organically taking care of your face is important, taking care of your body skin is extremely important. Cerise Naturals Organic Body Scrub is made from high-quality Natural Himalayan Salt. The abrasive texture of pure Himalayan pink salt eliminates impurities and uncovers firm, elastic and healthy skin. The combination of a variety of oils plays a significant role in removing tan, getting rid of cellulite and most importantly helping in the process of cell regeneration.

  5. Body Butter

    Organic Body butter is most effective for Dry and Sensitive Skin Dry skin types as this gives hydrate and glow when you slather on our luxuriously whipped Shea Body Butter. It has exceptional emollient and moisturizing properties that nourish and restore skin.
    Avocado & Olive Nourishing Body Butter soothes, heals and helps restore your skin's natural glow. Our body butter helps your skin bid goodbye to all the unwanted dryness and welcomes silken softness.

With Cerise Natural you will get best organic skin care and hair care products online.


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