How to Get Shinier, Fuller and Healthy Hair in 7 Easy Steps

Beautiful, luscious locks are considered the gold standard in beauty world. Although genetics plays a great role in thick, shiny hair, good hair care routine can help in maintaining voluminous hair just like your favourite celebrity.

Pollution and using heat to style hair regularly can damage hair which causes dullness, breakage and thinning. Choosing the right organic hair care products for your hair type will not only revitalize the hair but bring back the life and lustre it has been missing. 

  1. Healthy Diet:

    There’s a popular saying that you are what you eat, this holds true for your hair too. A balanced diet that is rich in protein can highly benefit the health of the hair and aid in the hair growth as well. Foods rich in iron, vitamins and minerals like eggs, fish, fruits, nuts and seeds can contribute in healthy mane that is not prone to breakage.

  2. Choose Shampoo Wisely:

    With plethora of shampoos in the market, one can get confused with choices. Pick a shampoo that suits your hair type and is devoid of any harsh chemicals like ammonium lauryl sulphate. If you are someone who likes to wash their locks daily, go for a gentle shampoo that will not strip of the natural oils of your hair.

  3. Conditioning:

    Always follow up shampoo with a good conditioner to ensure shiny and frizz-free hair. Apply conditioner at least 3 inches away from the scalp and keep it on for 15 minutes before washing it off. Invest in a good leave in conditioner to lock in the moisturizer and create a barrier to save hair from external damage like pollution and heat.

  4. Wet Hair, Take Care:

    Brushing or combing your hair immediately can cause breakage as the hair is fragile when wet. For some this method can work wonder (i.e. curly hair) but if you have fine, straight hair it is best to let the hair air dry before a brushing. In case you are in a hurry, use a detangler or a wide-tooth comb and gently detangle the wet hair.

  5. Weekly Oiling:

    Massaging warm oil can help improve the blood circulation to the scalp, which aids in hair growth. Oiling has been used for centuries by our ancestors to help retaining luscious locks. To get the best results, use cold press oils like coconut, olive, grapeseed or almond and follow up with a gentle shampoo. Avoid viscous oils such as castor as it takes more than single hair wash to be removed, thus leading to striping of natural oils from the hair.

  6. Routine Deep Conditioning:

    Hair does needs routine TLC every now and then, to restore its shine and volume. Deep conditioning is a saviour for limp hair and with the change in weather, it is a must in a hair care routine. Good super nourishing hair mask promotes hair growth and treats unmanageable hair by strengthening the roots.

  7. Avoid Heat:

    Yes, heating tools are your number one enemy when it comes to damaging hair. Many will be guilty of using styling tools but heat can strip the moisture from the hair which causes breakage, dullness and, in some cases, can cause permanent hair damage. But if you still are keen on using tools to style your tresses, apply heat protectant liberally and let it sit for 5 minutes before using the heating tool.

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