4 Benefits of Using Body Butter

Body butter has been recently garnering popularity due to its luscious creamy texture and amazing fragrance that stays for hours. A perfect product for the harsh winter weather or someone with dry skin, body butter but don’t get confused with body butters riddled with chemicals, mineral oils and other nasties. To reap the complete benefits of the ever popular body butter, you need to ensure that the ingredients are natural and best organic body butter in India.

A body butter is not just moisturizer, it has multiple other benefit which can make your friendly neighbourhood body butter a superhero that is must for your bathroom:

  1. All day moisturizer:

    Alright, this one is quiet obvious but the hydration a body butter provides can be relieve flaky skin and can work wonder in some dry skin conditions like eczema. It is best to use the body butter just after shower on moist skin, this ensures that the thick cream penetrate the skin and provide deep miniaturization for several hours. Using an organic body butter regularly helps in recovering skin and resulting in a smooth, even texture.
  1. Protects the skin:

    As it is stated that a body butter is rich and emollient, this can be excellent for protecting the skin from pollution and dryness. Body butter made of natural and organic ingredients creates a thin film on the skin which not only locks in the moisturizer but prevents it from escaping keeping the skin hydrated for longer hours. The natural body butter can also be used for slugging, which has recently become rage in the dry skin community. Apply a generous layer of body butter all over your body at night to reveal a glowing and healthy skin the next day.
  1. Makeup remover:

    In a pinch, body butter is an excellent alternative to makeup removing balm/cleansing balm. The thick texture of the body butter can help remove waterproof makeup without tugging the skin. Be extra careful while removing eye makeup as it can cause irritation and redness, follow up this with cleanser.
  1. Easy manicure:

    Need a manicure but not sure what product/s to use? Body butter is here for the rescue. Little goes a long way when you want to hydrate your nails and cuticles. The rich formulation of the body butter can be excellent for softening the cuticle so that it can be easily removed while nourishing the nail, this also makes polishing them with ease in single swipe.

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Oh wow, I had never considered using body butter as a makeup remover, although it makes sense that it would work as such. I am working on improving my skin care routine this year. Hopefully, I can find some good body butter products that will work for my skin. https://popgirlorganics.org/shop/ols/categories/body-butters

Greta James March 15, 2022

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