Fall in Love with your hair with Healthy Olives and Avocados

 Winter weather is harsh on all hair textures and types. Very much like skin, hair needs protection from the cold weather to remain soft and healthy. Guard your tresses from cold air, whipping breezes, electricity produced via friction, and surprisingly indoor hotness. These extraordinary hair care tips will prevail upon you and your hair care regime won't ever be the same.

Hair care tips that are not difficult to adjust, in any event, for novices.


You will discover a wide range of advices and guidance from people near you. All the elderly women at near you will advise you to oil your hair while your friends and mates will suggest you to condition them. But remember whatever you choose must be according to your hair and skin of your scalp. Always try and switch to healthy and organic alternatives.

First and foremost is “A healthy diet” Try and incorporate and iron and protein rich foods in your diet. Hair cells are quickest developing cells in the body however they are likewise the initial ones to be influenced if you don’t eat right or endure inadequacies.


How to Maintain Healthy Hair:

 A Few Basic Tips:

  1. It's typical to lose 100 to 150 strands of hair daily so don't freeze when you see a little pack creeping across your tiled floor.
  2. Do not Brush wet hair since they're delicate and inclined to breakage. If you still wish to comb them take a wide toothed brush and run it from the roots to the closures of your hair as delicately as could be expected.
  3. Trim your hair like clockwork to dispose of those brown and harsh split closures. Trimming them every two months helps you get rid of split ends and dry, damaged hair.
  4. Try not to wash your hair every day. Always apply some conditioner at your hair ends after washing your hair. Wash the conditioner off with cold water as it is useful for both strength and sparkle.


Hair Care Products: It is essential to condition your hair every now and again. We suggest using our Organic Hair Mask to nourish your hair and scalp and get those smooth and healthy strands you have always wished for!!! It gives you an ultimate Hair Spa Treatment at Home. 

Our Avocado and Olive Hair Mask is free from all nasty chemicals i.e. SLS, Parabens, Sulphates. Over the most recent couple of years, there has been a great deal of spotlight on Sulphate in hair care products.

What are Sulphates?

They clean your scalp and hair, withdrawing the soil from it. Yet, a few analysts likewise propose that they strip your hair of fundamental oils. On the off chance that you feel any sort of disturbance on the scalp or discover your hair evaporating after some time then, at that point, attempt and purchase a hair care product that is sulphate-free.

Deep Conditioning

Even however you condition your hair after every wash, nothing very functions comparable to profound moulding. Sometimes you need more than this. Your hair and scalp needs nourishment as well they need to be frizz free, smoother and shinier. At this point of time your hair and scalp needs a hair mask. This can be a DIY hair mask or you can find an organic alternative which is much easier and quicker to use and gives much better results than a DIY hair mask. Healthy Hair and Healthy Scalp is the need of the hour which can be well achieved with our Avocado and Olive Hair Mask.

Weekly Hair Masks is an Ultimate Hair Care

Hair masks can help moisturize and nourish your hair. They’re especially beneficial for dry, damaged, or frizzy hair. Some hair masks may even improve the health of your scalp and boost the strength of your hair. In my opinion, they’ve helped me in hair fall and dandruff.

  1. Take some hair mask( according to the length of your hair) in a bowl before you shampoo your hair. Apply it evenly on your hair and scalp 30 minutes before shampooing your hair.

Hair Masks can act the hero for sparkling, smooth and sleek hair without burning a hole in your pocket which is why they are called hair spa treatment at home.

Oil is the Answer

A conditioner may do some amazing things for your hair however oil gives it certain minerals, nutrients and fundamental unsaturated fats that don't simply fortify your foundations yet in addition support generally speaking soundness of your hair.  This is why we have infused our Avocado and Olive Hair Masks not only with Shea and Avocado Butter but with some great carrier oils. It contains

Coconut oil: Suggested by hair specialists and moms! It can shield your hair from sun harm, dandruff and eliminates sebum develop from hair follicles speeding up hair development.

Olive Oil: Experiencing hair fall then it would be a superior wagered. You can consolidate it with a large group of different fixings.

Rosemary Oil: Rosemary oil for the hair has many benefits. It is said to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which help improve blood circulation, counter hair loss and much more. It is also known to work on dandruff and treat itchy scalp.

Argan Oil: Argan oil is mostly used as a moisturizer for skin and hair because it is full of fatty acids, mainly oliec acid and linoliec acid. These oils have been shown to lubricate the hair shaft and help your hair maintain moisture.

Argan oil is also rich in vitamin E, which provides a fatty layer to your hair and scalp that may help prevent dryness and can help reduce fizziness and boost shine. Prevent styling and colouring damage. Also provides sun protection to your hair. 

Thinking where to purchase a hair mask with all of the above benefits? Look no more and get the AVOCADO and OLIVE SUPER NOURISHING HAIR MASK now.

Get laid out to display your hair objectives!