Lactic Acid Hair Mask can turn your hair health around!

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Lactic acid is a natural component that is produced by your body. Glucose in body is broken down to some extent, thus producing lactic acid. This acid helps as an important ingredient for your hair and scalp.

Lactic acid hair mask is made from natural Alpha-Hydroxy Acid(AHA) helps exfoliate scalp and cleanses scalp from product build up due to which scalp and hair face issues like flaking, dandruff, hair loss, breakage, split ends resulting in damaged, undernourished scalp and hair. It also balances Ph levels of your hair and adds shine to your hair.

Lactic Acid is a type of Alpha-Hydroxy Acid that is derived from milk and has several benefits for hair.

  • Lactic acid hair mask helps in hair growth by providing essential nutrients and oxygen to hair and scalp.
  • Lactic acid hair mask can help break down the bonds that hold together dead skin cells, which is a great exfoliator for scalp.
  • Lactic acid hair mask helps remove scalp build up, which in turn helps in hair growth and health.
  • Lactic acid hair mask can help reduce dandruff and promote hair growth.
  • Lactic acid has humectant properties, which increases moisture levels into hair and promotes hydration levels which helps improve hair health and reduces dryness and frizziness from scalp and hair.
  • Lactic acid helps to protect hair from damage caused by UV exposure, heat styling and harmful chemicals present in many hair styling products.
  • Lactic acid stimulates blood circulation in scalp and acts as an excellent conditioner thus improving texture of your hair.

How to Use Lactic Acid Hair Mask?

Lactic acid is a mild, yet effective ingredient which helps exfoliate the scalp and remove product build-up that helps improve scalp and hair health but is not used by many brands in their hair products. Lactic acid helps stimulate hair growth and prevents hair loss. Lactic acid helps improve elasticity of hair, which helps in less breakage of hair.

There are many products available with salicylic acid and hyaluronic acid which helps exfoliate and hydrate scalp and hair. But not both these acids are available in one product and are also not safe using together. Scalp scrubs are also available to exfoliate scalp but a scrub can be difficult and messy affair to be cleansed.

Cerise Naturals has come up with a Pre-Shampoo hair mask which is blend of Lactic Acid and Argan Oil which helps remove many scalp and hair related issues many are facing these days. Apply Cerise Naturals pre-shampoo hair mask 30 minutes before shampoo and get rid of product build-up from scalp and hair, dandruff, dry & damaged hair, itchiness, flakiness and other issues related.

  • Apply a layer of Cerise Naturals Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask on your scalp and hair 30 minutes before shampooing your hair.
  • Shampoo your hair and scalp thoroughly and rinse well.
  • For best results apply 2-3 a week.

Overall, Lactic acid is a beneficial ingredient for hair care. It helps remove product build-up from scalp and hair. It helps condition hair, adds shine and improves overall health of your scalp and hair. Try Cerise Naturals Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask to make your hair look healthy and to make them shine with its conditioning properties. Get those luscious, healthy hair locks today!!

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