Why should you switch to clean and natural hair care?

It may feel like a herculean task for anyone to switch from conventional hair care products to high-performance, non-toxic alternatives. It's common practice for us to begin the shift with essential products before completely changing our daily regimen. We normally start with a few core skincare products and then work our way through one part of our routine at a time. When it comes to clean beauty, hair care products are generally the last to be considered. However, this simple move can be the best for your goal of healthy, beautiful hair.

Not all clean and natural beauty products are created the same. Often, when we say “clean beauty”, we're referring to a product that is all-natural, organic, or free of substances that are hard to pronounce. Here at Cerise Naturals, we believe in developing safe and efficient products that are certified organic and are thoughtfully crafted with ingredients provided by mother nature. Essentially, this means we use ingredients that are safe for both humans and the environment, with plant-based compounds that are effective and safe. We understand how serious it is to use clean and organic hair products free of dangerous substances when it comes to hair care products.

Since the scalp is highly absorbent, using toxic chemicals in hair care products is extremely problematic. The skin on our scalp and forehead is four times more absorbent than the skin on our forearms. This makes it even more vital to avoid harmful chemicals in the hair products we use on our scalp. In fact, one research proved the fast-absorbing nature of our hair follicles, proving how important it is to utilize sulfate-free and paraben-free clean hair products. For pleasant scalp treatment, we recommend our Anti-Hair Fall Serum. It contains scalp-friendly components such as Biotin, Keratin and Anagain to unclog follicles and promote healthier hair. 

It is important that you keep the toxicity out of your bathroom shelf; we have listed two of the harshest chemicals to look out for:

  • SLS/SLES - When you wash your hair, you get that squeaky clean sensation. This is because sulphates remove filth and grease, their key function. Even though we've been trained to think that the more bubbles, the better, sulphates actually dehydrate the scalp by stripping the natural oils, which causes loss of moisturization and can lead to breakage.
  • Parabens - Parabens are used to increase the shelf life of the products as it prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and mold. However, parabens are among the most dreaded and hazardous compounds in the beauty business. This is due to parabens' xenoestrogen structure which mimics structural parts of the estrogen compounds, similar to human hormones, which have been linked to cancer.

Plant-based cleansers and conditioners are mild and effective and ensure natural oils aren't stripped of our hair and scalp. A plant-based hair product enriched with avocado oil strengthens and moisturizes the hair. It also provides excellent heat protection. Vitamin E found naturally in avocado helps heal damaged hair while protecting it from the sun's ultraviolet rays. We packed our deep conditioning Super Nourishing Hair Mask with avocado, argan, rosemary and olive oil that deeply penetrate to smooth, mend dry and unruly hair. While eliminating frizz and enhancing the hair's silkiness, these ingredients penetrate deeper into the hair shaft for improved nourishment delivery.

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