What’s the Difference Between Hair Oil and Serum?

The difference between hair oil and anti hair fall serum is that serum acts as more of a deep rooted hair care product which also adds shine and reduces frizziness in hair. While hair oil is used as an intensive hair treatment often as a hair mask or leave-in conditioner.

Anti hair fall serum is an excellent product that helps prevent hair loss, strengthen your locks, and promote beautiful, healthy hair and more importantly give regrowth to hair. Below are some uses and benefits of hair serums:

Natural styling product

Hair serum is an impressive natural styling product that coats the hair strands and nourishes the layers of the hair with a nutrient-rich solution. It’s a great smoothing treatment with many different applications such as reducing frizz, adding shine, and protecting the hair from damage and helps in hair regrowth. From damaged hair to fine hair there are a range of hair types that can benefit from a hair serum.

Hair Growth

The active ingredients and nutrients present in serums help to stimulate hair growth in the roots and scalp. With all the wonderful benefits that hair serum provides, many people wonder if serum can lengthen the hair and promote growth. They revive dormant hair follicles which encourage hair growth. This leads to thicker, faster-growing hair.

How to use?

One should use anti hair fall serum in hair roots on dry hair. Serum will be absorbed automatically in your scalp and hair and will not make it sticky, also do not forget to apply on  the affected area.

Choose the right hair serum

One should lookout for following in Anti Hair Fall Serum:

  • Biotin
  • Anagain
  • Keratin
  • Saw Palmetto.
  • Procapil

Anti Hair Fall Serum is an effective product that helps create shiny and healthy-looking hair during styling. The serum by Cerise Natural works by nourishing the strands with the biotin-rich solution to strengthen the hair strands and follicles. 

Compared to hair oil, Anti Hair Fall Serum is suitable for regular use. In the long run serum improves the condition of the hair and promotes hair growth by combating hair thinning. 

Applying the serum on dry hair gives maximum result in the hair strands which helps to nourish the hair follicles. By keeping the hair nourished and well moisturised healthy hair growth is promoted – thus combating hair loss.

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