Five Reasons To Choose Natural Skin Care Products

You want your skin to look it is very best. So you pamper your skin with skin care products and healthy food and pay close attention to what you eat. When you choose organic or any healthy food, you focus more on the nutrition facts and ingredient lists, choosing healthy and organic foods that fuel your healthy daily allowances and aren’t made with artificial ingredients. But do you read the ingredients of any skincare products before your skin care selections?

The skin care segment is flooded with many natural and organic products and marketing claims promising that their formulas will improve skin appearance and texture, remove dark spots, organic ingredients and reduce the signs of ageing. Like any bad diet food that gives temporary results, oftentimes products made with artificial or chemical ingredients offer the same thing – a chemical face mask will clean your face without improving skin from deep within. Studies have shown us that adopting organic is the best decision for our overall health, so it can be deduced that organic skin care products are also worth the effort.

Formulations of natural ingredients for skin care have improved vastly within the past few years, and expanded not only to encompass more enjoyable textures and natural scents, but a wider range of product types. You can now get body scrubs, hair serums, gels and creams, just as you would for facial products. Once you find a natural product that you really enjoy using, with effective results and feeling that you love, you will be significantly more inclined to use it regularly.

Choosing natural skin care products takes an extra step. There is a bit of research and due diligence to be done, but it is worth it. Your health is worth it. Here are 5 reasons why it is worth searching out organic and natural-based skin care products:

  1. Because you want to put only the healthiest, safest ingredients on your face and body. In India, there are few safety regulations within the skin care industry. And that’s a scary thing for your health. Skin care products can play host to several chemical ingredients that are skin irritants - including parabens, carcinogens, and allergens. There are many so-called natural skin care products which claim to have only natural & organic ingredients, but if you read the ingredients in them they have many chemicals in them. Choosing products made with non-toxic and organic ingredients helps to keep your skin and body performing at their very best.
  2. You will notice a difference in the tone and texture of your skin.  Taking your beauty practices back to basics – or back to nature – will improve your skin texture and your long-term skin care goals will be achieved. It has been proven that our skin craves the gentle and nourishing benefits of organic, plant-based ingredients. While you may be sceptical now, making the switch will have a big impact on your skin’s appearance and health.
  3. You are preserving the planet’s health and making it a bit more beautiful, too. Purchasing a natural-based product potentially removes a chemically laden product from being used. This means that toxic ingredients washed down the drain are not disrupting our eco-systems. With few government regulations on skincare ingredients, keeping certain chemicals out of nature is an initiative that must be taken by skin care manufacturers and consumers. Always be sure to look for brands that source their ingredients from natural resources that are sourced ethically and responsibly. This helps to keep our planet’s resources balanced and healthy.
  4. Organic skin care products work. For too long there has been a misconception that organic products could not perform like products made with chemical and artificial ingredients. However, over the years studies have found sources for beneficial organic and plant-based ingredients that contribute to our success in making healthy products that work. In fact, we hear every day from customers who are amazed at the effectiveness of our serums or body scrub. It is why we do what we do each and every day – so that we can share our excitement and successes with everyone around the world.
  5. Your Skin is Worth It. We all have skin care goals. Whether it is dry skin or rashes, pigmentation, patchy skin, dark circles, etc. we have found through customer accounts, personal experiences, and research, that eliminating certain chemicals in personal care products can give better results in long term. Conscious skin care choices, made in tandem with a healthy lifestyle and diet, can even be preventative solutions for some health issues. The symbiotic relationship we have found between feeding your skin and feeding your body is important to understand when taking inventory of your health and well being.

No matter what type of skin you have – oily, dry, or combination – thoughtful product selection can have a dynamic impact on your overall health. Remember, our bodies are just as prone to ageing as our faces are - we simply don’t see it as clearly until it is too late. By taking good care of the skin on our bodies and keeping it well hydrated, we will not only delay skin sagging in the areas prone to this (such as backs of hands, neck and chest etc) but also prevent the risk of skin damage and scarring. Skin that is well hydrated and healthy will always heal more optimally than tissue that is dry and neglected. With daily nourishment, circulation-boosting massage, and exfoliation where needed, you can retain your skin’s health and quality for longer, and give yourself the confidence and radiance you deserve, at any age! Yes, not just your skin health, but overall health. Also always make a conscious effort to swap your products out for organic, plant-based alternatives and discover for yourself just how positively your skin, and body, will react to the change.

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